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Aligning the Incentives w/ Stuart Dunk – The Marketing Procurement Podcast (

I recently had the pleasure of joining Blair Enns and Leah Power on their Marketing Procurement Podcast.

We covered a lot of ground in 45 minutes, including:

  • how marketing procurement would benefit from aligning their targets and incentives with the marketing stakeholders that they serve (rather than solely with financial or saving targets)
  • how marketing procurement can achieve ‘trusted advisor’ status with their internal brand stakeholders
  • the benefits of the WFA’s ‘Project Spring’ in setting a new direction of travel for how Marketing Procurement functions can become a force for progressive procurement practices and positive change in agency -brand relationships and ways of working
  • The pressure to deliver savings in an area that is designed to deliver growth

I hope you enjoy the episode, and I recommend listening to as many of the great episodes as you can if you are in marketing procurement, or if you work with marketing procurement as an agency or brand professional.


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